Do Albino Alligators Haunt New York’s Sewers?

31 12 2007

                                                                 “It is thought clumsy holidaymakers brought several of the beasts back from Florida without realising how big they would grow – and simply flushed them down the toilet.

Urban Legend has it that the discarded alligators bred underground – turning white because of the lack of sunlight – and formed their own communities beneath the streets of the Big Apple.

Many may even have lost their eyesight and all their skin pigment to become full albinos – with clear white scales and pink eyes.

Of course, whether or not albino alligators are really patrolling the drains in New York – without ever being spotted – will always be the stuff of legend.

However albino alligators do actually exist. White alligator with red eyes can be found in the wild – although it is thought less than 30 remain worldwide.”





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