Poor Little Albino Plants

1 01 2008

When thinking of albinos, the plant kingdom is oft overlooked. Certainly, this makes sense as a chlorophyll-less plant is largely doomed, but that is not to say that such plants do not exist. The American Brugmansia and Datura Society reports that in the attempts to create new variegated cross hybrids of Brugmansia, a full 90% of all seedlings (like the one to the left) are pigment-less albinos that die soon after their endospermic nutrition is exhausted.




One response

6 02 2009
Tonny Surrow

Wow! With so less green in the plant I am impressed that you can make it grow to that size. I attampted to grow out seeds of ‘B. aurea x B. ‘Maja’ (variegated) and the albinos died, before they had developed true leaves.

How do you do this?

Kind regards


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