Year in Review: Albino ghost raccoons?

3 01 2008

2007 in review: In wildlife news, University of California, Santa Barbara’s albino raccoon passed away ā€” only to be succeeded by a series of sightings of what some students say could be his extra-pale spirit, and others believe to be a brood of albino raccoon offspring.





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21 01 2010

Sounds like someone needs to CHAIN UP THEIR DOG before, in the way so common to killer canines, it moves from wildlife to cats, smaller dogs, and kids as attack targets! What the holy (severely unladylike words here) is this MORON doing letting a dog clearly known to kill other animals run loose??? Profoundly stupid owners like this are why the shelters are stuffed with “problem” dogs. Take some freakin’ responsibility, you moron, and chain that damn dog already! And be glad your neighbors don’t seem to care…if Cody started killing anything out where my mom lives, even ‘vermin’, he’d get shot inside a week and buried somewhere in 40,000 acres of Weyerhauser forestry land. Who on earth tolerates sub/urban dogs killing smaller animals willy-nilly? Doesn’t ANYONE think having a dog like that running loose could be, I dunno, *dangerous*? Flame me all ya want, but I remember how long my mom cried when her small-critter-killing dog had to be put down for attacking her chickens and bringing home entire still-warm, still-dripping DEER HAUNCHES. Think a kid could stand up to a dog that can rip the entire hind leg & haunch off a deer it killed itself? How big is Cody?

15 04 2010


19 08 2011

Well there are two baby albino raccoons that I feed at night in Santa Barbara. At first I thought there was just this really big old racoon, but she was pregnant and had them this spring, there are a litter of 5 with two albino babies

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