Life’s tough when you’re a beige penguin

4 01 2008

A FREAK penguin that is bullied because of its unusual appearance has been found in Antarctica.

The Adelie penguin lacks pigmentation and is missing its trademark black “dinner jacket”, which is instead a dirty beige.

The bird was spotted by a team of Australian researchers restoring the historic Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison.

It is not a full albino because it has some colouring, and is instead called a “leucistic” penguin.

It is rare to find an adult leucistic penguin as they stand out in the crowd and are usually gobbled up or attacked by predators — and there are no exceptions in this case.

On the Mawson’s Huts expedition blog, photographer Brett Jarrett described the hapless bird getting picked on and harassed by other penguins.

“At least this individual reached adulthood, even though while being observed was quite regularly picked on and harassed by other ‘normal’ Adelies,” Mr Jarrett said.

The penguin was first spotted by tourists on December 20 and by researchers on December 30.





One response

2 02 2009

Actually the bird is flavistic, not luesistic. The former refers to lacking most pigment, but maintaining goldish colour. Luesistic is missing pigment other then blues and greys such as a white tiger. 🙂

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