Albino Squirrel in Edinburgh, Scotland

9 01 2008

The squirrel was photographed in the garden of Scott Neil, general manager of ice hockey team the Edinburgh Capitals, who lives in the Meadowspot estate.

Mr Neil said yesterday: “I saw it for the first time this morning and was quite surprised. I’ve never seen one before. My daughter put out nuts for the birds a few days ago and since then a few grey squirrels have been down.

“It stands out from the rest, but doesn’t seem to get treated any differently by other squirrels.”

It is likely the albino squirrel’s home is in the woods at Napier University’s Craighouse Campus or in the conservation area between the campus and Craiglockhart.  More…




One response

10 01 2008
Crafty Green Poet

We saw the same squirrel recently (In fact I’m quoted in the Edinburgh Evening News article). Or maybe it wasn’t the same squirrel – the one we saw had a dash of brown on its back and didn’t seem to have red eyes. There was a report a couple of years ago of an albino breeding successfully near Edinburgh, perhaps ours was one of the partial albino offspring? Lovely animal anyway

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