Partially Albino Elephant

11 01 2008

According to Dr Ian Whyte, elephant specialist at South Africa’s Kruger National Park, this young elephant is indeed partially albino, a condition that has been noted in a handful of young elephants in that park. “These have been young elephants (some very small babies) and it is not sure what becomes of them. It seems unlikely that they would grow darker with age as albinism is a permanent condition, but these young albino elephants seem to disappear. There have been at least two cases recently (of which I am aware) where such young albinos have been photographed. They have not been reported since. No one knows what becomes of them, though the mothers and families seem to treat them normally. Perhaps the albinistic condition does not protect them adequately from the sun which might result in some form of mortality related to over-exposure.”





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1 07 2008
Pigmentation in Asiatic Elephants - ZooBeat Forums

[…] leucistic, pale-skinned, hoax, whatever, always seem to be Asian) but I found this from this year: Partially Albino Elephant Whiter Shade of Tail also found this interesting article: M a h i d o l** U n i v e r s i t y* – – – – […]

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