To Shoot or Not to Shoot Albino Deer – Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

11 01 2008

From Whitetail 365: What is little known about Buffalo Co. Wis. is that albino deer are fairly common there. In fact it’s entirely possible—after talking to the right people—to drive around some summer evening and see a pretty good wad of white deer feeding in soybean and alfalfa fields. While there’s no such thing as an ugly deer, albinos are a pretty darn special sight. The people of Wisconsin think they’re so special that you can get into big trouble for shooting one.

Of course, right across the Mississippi River from there is my home state of Minnesota. Kill a white deer here and you’ll get your picture in the paper, and not in the “district court report” section.  Protecting albinos is an interesting thing. Most of us know by now that these are genetically inferior deer that in most cases are poorly equipped to survive in the wild. Indeed, some of my Wisconsin friends have found albino bucks dying in the middle of summer from any of a host of diseases they’re susceptible to. Naturally, there are exceptions. About five years ago, I was hunting Buffalo and rattled in a 3-1/2 year old albino buck with an 8-point rack. That deer is still alive. He is now a monstrous 10-point with candelabra antlers that appear anything but genetically inferior.  People drive for miles to check him out, lining up along his favorite fields with spotting scopes sprouting from their truck windows. 





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12 04 2011

I had to look this up after conversing with a DNR representative in Dubuque IA. I pointed out a mounted head of an albino deer on the wall at the nature center and he said it wasn’t albino, that it was a white nose deer. I found it hard to believe that there was a white nose deer and not just an albino deer. This proves my point. So, thanks!

14 05 2011
toasty redhead

Thank you for a great post.

11 01 2014
ole bjornson

what kind of spineless a hole shots this supreme being?? Let them be!! Nature is mysterious, my fellow man.

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