Albino weka rare addition to dairy farm

9 01 2008

The weka is extremely rare and only the second to ever be reported to the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Mr Berry noticed the white fluffy chick one morning before Christmas while he was out milking, and it is now a regular sighting on their Bulls Road farm.

DOC biodiversity ranger Julie Geritzlehner said it had been identified as a male and did not seem to have any problems with eyesight — a common problem with albinos.

However, the weka was not so keen to make friends.

“He was a bit shy, when I tried to get close enough to take a photo he darted away quite quickly which is a bit unusual,” Ms Geritzlehner said.

They decided it was best to leave the weka at the farm rather than attempting to place him in captivity. However, he may not live as long as other wekas.

“Because it’s so obvious in the landscape it means he may be more susceptible to things like harrier hawks,” Ms Geritzlehner said.

Another albino weka was spotted in Hector a few years ago but was never actually seen by a DOC ranger.  Source…


Albino Squirrel in Edinburgh, Scotland

9 01 2008

The squirrel was photographed in the garden of Scott Neil, general manager of ice hockey team the Edinburgh Capitals, who lives in the Meadowspot estate.

Mr Neil said yesterday: “I saw it for the first time this morning and was quite surprised. I’ve never seen one before. My daughter put out nuts for the birds a few days ago and since then a few grey squirrels have been down.

“It stands out from the rest, but doesn’t seem to get treated any differently by other squirrels.”

It is likely the albino squirrel’s home is in the woods at Napier University’s Craighouse Campus or in the conservation area between the campus and Craiglockhart.  More…

White and Albino Buffalos in the News

8 01 2008

One gets a name…(click on picture on the left for video report)…

                                                                                                                                               and … Cheyenne tribal member, Reverend Jay wallow’s, amazing surprise is the birth of a white buffalo calf.According to Swallow spiritual leaders from across the nation have advised him that the birth of his white buffalo calf is a sign of renewal, and where there is chaos, and disparity hope.


Albino Dobermans

6 01 2008

Purist Doberman breeders hate the fact that they exist and are actually bred for this condition, but albino Doberman dogs are available – and often for exorbitant prices. Featuring blue or occassionally yellow eyes, these dogs have a very light cream-colored coat. For a decent sized breed, their albinism can create ownership complications in that they must be strictly indoor dogs. Their eyes are extremily photosensitive, giving them poor vision in sunlight and their skin is susceptable to blistering and burning in excessive UV light. Many claim they are more anti-social than the pure breed.  


Life’s tough when you’re a beige penguin

4 01 2008

A FREAK penguin that is bullied because of its unusual appearance has been found in Antarctica.

The Adelie penguin lacks pigmentation and is missing its trademark black “dinner jacket”, which is instead a dirty beige.

The bird was spotted by a team of Australian researchers restoring the historic Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison.

It is not a full albino because it has some colouring, and is instead called a “leucistic” penguin.

It is rare to find an adult leucistic penguin as they stand out in the crowd and are usually gobbled up or attacked by predators — and there are no exceptions in this case.

On the Mawson’s Huts expedition blog, photographer Brett Jarrett described the hapless bird getting picked on and harassed by other penguins.

“At least this individual reached adulthood, even though while being observed was quite regularly picked on and harassed by other ‘normal’ Adelies,” Mr Jarrett said.

The penguin was first spotted by tourists on December 20 and by researchers on December 30.


Brazil’s albino alligators stolen

4 01 2008

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) — Seven albino alligators were stolen from the only zoo run by the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), the university staff reported on Thursday.    Biologist Itamar Assumpcao, who is in charge of the administration of the zoo, told reporters that the alligators were last seen on Dec. 31.

    The federal police will investigate whether any staff member was involved in the theft. The alligators are suspected to be stolen for trade abroad.

    The total value of the animals, approximately two years old, was estimated at 119,000 reais (68,000 U.S. dollars) in the illegal market.


Albino Slugs – Still Hate Salt

3 01 2008

albino slug